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You host the party, we bring the FUN!
(and the silly hats, glasses, & signs.)

We are Helena's most popular photo booth rental company. Perfect for Wedding Receptions, Corporate events, Graduation Parties, Birthday Parties, Holiday parties...whatever you are celebrating!


What kind of photo booth do you need?

Enclosed or Open Booth?

Your party, your choice!

What kind of booth works for you?  The classic Enclosed Photo Booth is always a hit. You and your guests can do a session all by yourself, or squeeze as many people as you can into the small booth.  

An Open Booth gives you the option to invite a large group of your friends to join you.

Green Screen Booth

Personalize your background

Stand in front of a green background. When the picture is taken, the green background is replaced by whatever background you want.

Want to look like you are standing in front of the Eiffel tower? How about on a beach in Tahiti? The Green Screen Booth might be for you.

Book the FUN for your event! 

Kevin, thank you for your time, materials and photo booth at Andrew and Sarah's wedding. We appreciate all of the memories and "memorable moments" it created.

- Jim & Nadine Spencer

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